Semi Truck Cab Accessories Summer Checklist

Posted By on Jul 3, 2019 |

Though the hot days of summer are here, commercial truckers stay as busy as ever.

Adding some simple accessories to your semi truck’s cab is not just a good way to personalize and upgrade your style. The right items also increase your comfort and even your safety by eliminating seemingly minor irritants that nevertheless often lead to dangerous distraction on the road.

1. Sun Protection

Long days filled with sunshine are nice if you’re headed to the beach. However, when you’re behind the wheel of a commercial truck, you need a way to keep the bright sun out of your eyes. You also want fuel-efficient ways to keep your cab at a comfortable temperature.

A truck window screen allows you to keep your windows open, providing airflow as you drive while keeping away insects and road dust. Sun shades offer additional protection when you park. Many have reflective surfaces that work to keep your interior from overheating. Clip-on visors keep the sun from getting in your eyes as you drive.

2. Seat Covers

When most of your day is spent sitting down, you need it to be comfortable and ergonomic. High-quality seat covers can serve as the trucker’s equivalent of the fancy office chair.

Freightliner seat covers come in a variety of fabrics and designs, so you can select the one that’s right for your style. Some come with foam padding for added comfort. You can also select arm rest covers. These accessories also help you protect your seats from wear and tear so they last longer.

3. Truck Lights

Now is also a good time to check the condition of your truck lights and think about an update. Commercial trucks over 80″ wide must have marker lights so that drivers in oncoming cars can see the size of your cab. If your truck is smaller, cab lights can still be a good safety investment, especially if your trailer is of non-standard size or shape.

LED marker lights for trucks offer a high level of durability. LED lights are highly energy efficient and will last for a long time, maintaining the right intensity and color. Choose from a variety of styles and shapes.

4. Floor Mats

New floor mats are an easy way to freshen up your interior. Heavy-duty protection for your truck’s floor is paramount with the amount of wear and tear that happens as you go in and out of the vehicle multiple times. It is important to make sure your mats fit the interior of your cab well. This means covering the areas you need them to smoothly. Bumps and creases that result from jamming a mat into a too-small space can present a tripping hazard. Popular materials for truck floor mats include:

  • Rubber
  • Thermoplastic
  • Indoor/outdoor carpeting with rubber backing

As you select your mats, consider factors such as the amount of moisture and mud you will expose them to, as well as how easy the material will be to clean.

These easy upgrades are affordable and a cinch to install. Add these and other items to your cab to make your summer on the road comfortable and pleasant.

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