Car Safety When Doing Road Trip

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In today’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle, a simple weekend road trip is a way to relax, rejuvenate and share quality time with loved ones.

Family would love to feel the new breeze of environment and that’s why road trip is always a must for us.

Sharing long road trip to La Union last summer where we have to leave home at night to be there early morning for a trek.

Here is also a sweet yet short road trip to Batangas where all are  along the way to visit and explore the place.

But in order to gear up your drive, a worry-free road trip safety is a must.

These are some of the tips that family do everytime we plan for our road trip:

  • Before the day of the road trip, check if all tires are air-pressured, battery, water and fluids.
  • Make sure the car is equipped with jumper cables, extra spare tire with air, tools to change a tire and flash light.
  • Grabbing an emergency handy kit is also essential before heading to a road trip. These includes band-aids, alcohol, cotton and common medicines like paracetamol, diarrhea, motion sickness tablets.
  • Make it a point beforehand that you know where you are going, researching the possible easy routes and this was already loaded via your cellphone thru screenshots. There were times connections on the area are not accessible even one has a data plan on the phone. If this is already save, all you have to do is to view them when you need them.
  • Keep the children busy where they can play games and listen music with their tablet, fully charged and have extra power bank.
  • Aside from food and water stocked up, bring pillows and blankets to make the trip more comfortable.
  • To recharge for a long trip, take a break every two hours getting a quick pit stop to drink water and a visit to a comfort room.

The love of driving goes beyond just physical transportation – an emotional transformation, recharging the body, freeing the mind and boosting the spirit as what they call “Road Therapy.”

Do try it once in a while.

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