Revitalized Tutuban Center at the Heart of Divisioria

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Tutuban Center unveiled new and exciting features to pump up shopping experience. 

I grew up at the heart of Manila. I still vividly remembered our accessible place of malls where we do our shopping would be Escolta, Quiapo and the popular Divisoria hailed as the “shopping mecca”.

As long we were talking of affordability, reasonable and cheap shopping in Divisoria, sometimes convenient shopping would definitely be out of the picture.

New Revamp Tutuban

I’m use to it.

Tips I learn which I also like to share:

  • Since holiday season is coming and we are already on “ber months”, this is the best time to go there
  • Make a budget and list them before you sleep. I usually take note of it in paper what are those important stuff to buy
  • Withdraw money before you shop and leave your ATM card at home
  • Do come early, as in very early in the morning to avoid traffic
  • Dress comfortably and avoid wearing jewelries.  Usually, I wore rubber shoes, loose clothes, shorts and with bottled water in my bag.
  • Bring big shopping bag that can be folded. Use also small body bag where you can easily put / get your money and coins

When I was invited to check Tutuban, I was amazed to see numerous work renovation and building improvements.

Who would think that an old fashioned building with a touch of greens can come as beautiful like this in Divisoria?

Yes its possible yet the surrounding is sooo pristine clean.

New Revamp Tutuban

Its a good start they still preserve history like:

  • retain the original train station built in 1800s first stood
  • repainting based on heritage color palette
  • boost up the lightning to see the facade details
  • improve the brick walls
  • keep century old wrought iron pillars

New Revamp Tutuban

New Revamp Tutuban

Food court is also introduced.

I remembered we have to take a brunch before going to Divisoria and hop in to Binondo for a sumptuous Chinese food.

But now, Tutuban brings Binondo’s best food brands like my favorite El Presidente.

New Revamp Tutuban

Getting into my lists, I know what I will buy:

  •  Clothes that is comfortable and decent that I can bring for our out of the country trip this November
  • White stylish blouse for our 25th wedding anniversary
  • Pasalubong / treats for my daughters
  • Christmas balls

The challenge is, we have given P 1,000.00 budget to work with it.

New Revamp Tutuban

Yes, I got this.

Good thing they given us a map.

Objective is for us to personally maneuver inside Prime Block where shopping levels of pure bargain buying pleasure is such a bliss of fun.

Such as:

  • Clothes for every occasion, latest RTW, footwear, bags and fashion accessories
  • Fabrics, patches, beads and other trimmings
  • General merchandise stores
  • Party planners for gift items, wall and table decorations, toys and games

New Revamp Tutuban

New Revamp Tutuban

New Revamp Tutuban

New Revamp Tutuban

New Revamp Tutuban

For my hours of roaming around, it’s very, very different the way we shop before:

  • air-conditioned building
  • security guards everywhere
  • front information desk
  • clean facilities inside and out
  • additional parking lots

Yes, I bought what is in my list for P 1,000.00 and even exceeded to my expectation.

These are:

  • White blouse for P 170.00. I haggled from its original price to P 200.00
  • Yoga mat for my kiddo’s gym class for P 280.00
  • Bought also Hello Kitty hamper design for P 80.00
  • Travel Comfortable clothes for P 150.00 and P 180.00
  • Big Christmas Balls for P 150.00

New Revamp Tutuban

Yes, satisfied with all my bargain finds.

The dresses alone when I was scouting at the business district mall cost P 700.00 each.

With all the favorable, suitable yet enjoyable shopping escapade with Tutuban, definitely, I will come back even I’m already a rural dweller.

I’m anticipating family will also be satisfied just like me when we go for shopping now that Yuletide season is fast approaching.

New Revamp Tutuban

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