Scooter for Roadtrips, Why Not?

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In getting scooter, safety must always be the first priority to get those road load of fun. Be prepared always and know how to overcome those adversities along the way.

The purpose why hubby got a scooter is for him to get ASAP to his work, avoiding those traffic which is just near to our residential place.

Since it is also along Technopark in Laguna, sometimes transportation become on schedule and taking a ride would take into special transport price which is much higher.

It was lately we discovered some benefits – that is, thrift way to commute compared in bringing car.   One can run the daily errands that would burn less fuel and saving money in return.

Best part, easy to park. This can be slipped in between of parked cars.

There were also times we use the scooter for road trips like taking quick dip in the hot spring in Calamba or going to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa – all in Laguna.

Laguna Hot Springs-Calamba, Laguna Philippines

Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City Laguna Philippines

This was the picture taken during  one of our roadtrips along Laguna.  The feeling of seeing those blue sky with perfect clouds and  breathing fresh air while navigating our way to the destination is soo blissful.

Scooter for Roadtrips, Why Not?

With this, we still love to explore more using scooter as our mode of transportation via road trips like exploring more Laguna and Rizal provinces. Still, we have to take extra precautions in doing so by having a good specifications of motorbike.

Recently,  Honda Philippines launched its latest offering  – New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series tag as the  ‘Scooter for All’.

The reasons:

  •  Compact and has sporty design.
  • Excellent engine performance.
  • Affordability –  PhP 66,900 for its standard model and PhP 69,900 for the variant.
  • Comes with other new design like aerodynamic steering cover, headlight form,  informative meter panel, a sporty tail light and muffler protector.
  • Larger utility box, bigger tire size, comfortable triangle riding position, unique battery position and cover, and very accessible position of the air cleaner.
  • Secure key shutter, a side stand switch, park brake lock, automatic headlight and combi-brake system.
  • Comes w/  side stand switch equipped with an electric circuit breaker.
  • Has a park brake lock  to prevent the motor current to jump start the engine and jerk the scooter.
  • Automatic headlight.
  •  Combi-brake system that delivers controllability, convenience, and the sense of confidence for the rider.

Love this red, stylish yet sleek feature of this Honda scooter.

Scooter for Roadtrips, Why Not?

Here were some practical tips I learned also taking those scooter road trips with hubby:

  • Check always motorbike’s condition.
  • Pack right and light.
  • Wear always helmets / earplugs, long sleeves light shirt,  sunscreen.
  • Hydrate yourself with lot of water to drink before the ride.
  • Check easy route and gas stops around thru road apps like Google map.

At the end, safety must always be the first priority to get those road load of fun. Be prepared always and know how to overcome those adversities along the way whether it rains unexpectedly or issues in road conditions.

Definitely, all who love to take the risk are willing to let their beat out.

For more information, visit Honda’s Facebook page.

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