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Is it really easy to apply for visa?

There were many who claims for it as long the documents are complete and accurate, either with a non-immigrant (tourist) visa or an immigrant one.

However many still struggle with the application procedures and some have been denied.   Statistics say that US embassy receive some 210,000 non-immigrant visa applications, which is about 700-1,000 applications a day. An approximate of 30 percent were disapproved for various reasons.


Why are these happening?

Getting a visa means passing through a scrutinizing and tedious process, without the assurance of having your passport stamped for approval.

Third party agencies like Global Visas are always ready to aid you counseling especially for those people who don’t have time to manage everything. in the process and provide you with much needed counseling.

Global Visas helps individuals and businesses wishing to secure visas in the country of their choice. By offering professional advice from case managers who are fully regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), Global Visas is able to increase the chances of someone securing a visa.

Example was Charina Tan, a businesswoman who has intended her parents to visit the US for pleasure and to visit their relatives based in US. She found out about Global Visas’ Facebook site when she was searching for the best travel and immigration agency in the web. She then was led to the website and has contacted the telephone number indicated. To make the long story short, her application for B2 visa for her parents were granted with multiple entry visa. Her parents have been to the US just last year.

According to her, no problems were met along the process. “I find the system easy, for Ms. Divina did everything for us, including the processing of the documents. She found means to get everything done,” Ms. Tan said. That is why she had been referring friends and relatives to the company who wish to visit other countries requiring visas.


Applying for a visa can be a stressful, often confusing and very time consuming procedure. Global Visas offers its clients the opportunity to improve their chances of securing a visa by providing advocacy and expert knowledge, taking away the hassle to enable them to complete the application process from start to finish. Today Global Visas has offices worldwide and deals with work visas, employment issues and relocations across the globe.

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