Glimpse of Laguna de Bay

Posted By on Jul 15, 2012 |

After our trip to Batangas, we plan again a simple whole day road trip in Laguna.

Part of our itinerary was to have a glimpse of Laguna De Bay located inCalamba, Laguna. ¬†According to folks around,¬†“Aplaya” is the common name people called the place.

Unlike with the Manila Bay in the metro, the back draft of the nature like mountains at far are the best view that can be see with Laguna de Bay. The fresh wind blow out of your face created by the bay’s water refresh also the feeling.
Laguna de Bay
Laguna de Bay

Water lilies are scattered around keeping it not so much crowded along the bay area but stimulating the environment feeling of greenery around.

Laguna de Bay

Boats are also parked along the area that can serve as a way of traveling from one resort to another. I think this boat is going to Wonder Island Resort. Maybe the thrill here is the immerse feeling of having a boat ride transcending water thru Laguna de Bay.

Laguna de Bay

Did you see also those woody boats around?

These are boats crossing to boarders of Rizal, the easiest way.
Laguna de Bay

Calamba, Laguna is famous to its natural hot spring water for a swim. If you happen to be here, do dropped by to Aplaya.

From St. John the Baptist Church and Rizal’s House, it is only a 10-minute drive straight going there. Just ask directions to the folks around. If commuting, ride a tricycle infront of the church and direct them to Aplaya. Transpo cost more or less for special ride is P 40.00.



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